Can You Be Your Own Internet Marketing Specialist?

The role of an internet marketing specialist is to drive traffic
to a website and to assist with the improvement of conversion
rates – converting website visitors to buyers. Some individuals
are good at driving traffic and others are good at creating web
copy that closes sales. foodnerdy In order to be a full-service internet
marketing specialist, you really have to have the skill to do
both because enormous amounts of traffic doesn’t matter a bit if
that traffic does not result in revenue.

Even so, different people have different talents and one person’s
gifts may complement another’s. So, if you have strong skills in
one area and not the other, you may need to work with an internet
marketing specialist whose strengths compensate for your
weaknesses and vice versa. Sometimes an internet marketing team
achieves much more than any internet marketing specialist could
do alone.

Specific tasks that an internet marketing specialist or team of
internet marketers engage in to accomplish the two main purposes
of internet marketing – driving traffic and closing sales –

1. Brainstorming

2. Market research

3. Identification of target markets and niche markets

4. Competitor analysis

5. Development of products and services

6. Creation of a unique selling proposition

7. Keyword research

8. Identification, analysis and selection of marketing


9. Budgeting

10. Strategic planning and setting of milestones

11. Creation of marketing materials including sales copy

12. Website development

13. Administration of the internet marketing plan

14. Analysis of the effectiveness of the marketing program

15. Continual strengthening and improvement of the marketing

plan and marketing program

Effectively addressing all of these tasks that are necessary for
productive internet marketing really requires quite a vast skill
set. Everybody has strengths and weaknesses in various areas of
internet marketing. It is ideal if you have an internet marketing
team made up of individuals that are internet marketing
specialists in all of these areas; however, reality is not always
ideal. Because it is rare for any one individual to be strong in
each of these areas most people need professional assistance from
an internet marketing specialist with one or more of the internet
marketing tasks.

If you work with an internet marketing specialist or a team of
internet marketers, it is vital that everyone on the team
communicates clearly and effectively. With clear communication
the results from specific internet marketing tasks can be
integrated to create a strong, effective internet marketing
program that produces significant results in regard to driving
traffic and generating revenues.

In order to determine whether or not you are capable of being
your own internet marketing expert rather than contracting your
internet marketing tasks to an internet marketing specialist or
an internet marketing firm, do an honest analysis of your skills
as they relate to the fifteen internet marketing tasks mentioned
previously. In reviewing them, you are sure to find some that you
feel confident about and some that cause uncertainty. If you are
not comfortable with your own internet marketing knowledge and
skills, you may choose to hire an internet marketing specialist
to complete the tasks you are uneasy about, or you may choose to
pursue training or education to enhance your knowledge of
internet marketing and strengthen your own skills.

With desire, drive, time and perseverance, just about anyone can
become an internet marketing specialist. To be an effective
internet marketing specialist you must be willing to learn from
others as well as learning from your own mistakes. As you gain
experience in internet marketing, you will naturally develop
expertise and as time marches on you will undoubtedly feel more
comfortable with tasks that seem complex at first and you will
definitely gain self-confidence as you experience the positive
effects of your internet marketing efforts.



Job Security Vs the Milkman

Job Security Vs the Milkman

A small blister on her thumb.

at some point of the 20th century one of the most influential poets is not any doubt, Adrienne rich. As a writer of big breath and scope, rich became a diagnosed poet at the tender age of 22.

In her last year of university, her first collection of poetry, A alternate of world became decided on for the Yale collection of younger Poets Award. rich was decided on by means of using none other than W.H. Auden, the eminent poet who’s regularly considered one of the finest writers of the 20th century.

over the years rich have become stated for the exploration of subjects related to gender roles and human sexuality. In 1976, rich posted Of woman Born: Motherhood as revel in and group. This arguable series of poetry which became hailed by the usage of some critics and harshly criticized through others have become a announcement of her lesbian identification. A subsequent guide, Dream of a commonplace Language contained explicit references of sexual desire.

further to her poetry, rich’s paintings become blended with a lively interest in the social and political issues of her day. She have emerge as actively worried in protesting the american struggle in Vietnam. and she became additionally a splendid determine within the lady’s liberation motion.

wealthy changed into a contributing member of the Boston female’s Fund, the countrywide creator’s Union, Sisterhood in assist of Sister’s in South Africa and the new Jewish agenda.


In June 2010 Microsoft released the 250GB narrow model

In June 2010 Microsoft released the 250GB narrow model

The Xbox 360 is Microsoft second gaming console and emerge as launched in November of 2005 (the number one being the Xbox) a year in advance than the release of PS3 and Nintendo Wii. In June 2010 an upgraded model of the Xbox 360 console changed into released changing the antique Xbox models. we can be looking on the versions among the diverse Xbox 360 models to this point.

Xbox 360 core: The Xbox 360 core changed into launched along the Xbox seasoned in November 2005. The console became a fundamental one lacking a difficult pressure which supposed you could not save games on it nor rent Xbox stay. The console changed into additionally now not well matched with titles from Microsoft’s first gaming console. one of the major problems with this console turned into the problem of overheating. This model modified into discontinued and modified with the Xbox Arcade gadget.

Xbox 360 20 GB seasoned:The 20GB seasoned (moreover known as Xbox 360 top rate) modified into one of the consoles released in 2005. The console turned into able to gambling some of the titles from her groundbreaking console. Highlights of the console encompass the ability to play video video games in high Definition, connect with unique gamers on-line and play video video games through Xbox live. in addition the console had a HDMI ouput with a resolution of 1080p. however this version become discontinued in August of 2008 and replaced with a 60GB model of the field on the same price. one of the issues associated with the Xbox 360 20GB pro become the crimson ring of loss of life which made the console to crash.

Xbox 360 Arcade: This machine changed the Xbox 360 center in October of 2007 and became exceptional perfect for informal game enthusiasts. just like the “middle”, the device lacked a hard power alternatively a 256MB internal reminiscence turned into supplied which end up later upgraded to 512MB. game enthusiasts requiring extra hard drive place ought to but purchase an outdoor difficult pressure for you to be geared up externally to the console. also included had been a wi-fi controller, HDMI-output help and 5 Xbox live Arcade video games. The Arcade tool have become modified in August 2010 with the 4G Xbox slender console.

Xbox 360 Elite: This tool modified into released in April 2007 and featured a 120GB hard strength with a black matte stop. The Xbox 360 Elite became additionally capable of gambling some of the vintage Xbox titles and had help for a wi-fi controller and headset. It additionally became capable of connecting to Xbox live in which the gamer have to down load video video games and engage in multi-on line play. The device had troubles among which had been a loud DVD power and cooling fan.The Xbox 360 Elite console later replaced the Xbox 360 top class 60GB for the equal charge and became old with the release of Xbox 360 narrow version.

Xbox 360 extraordinary Elite: The console first seemed in October 2009 and had a few similarities to the Xbox 360 Elite however differed in that it had a 250GB tough energy and modified into packaged with wireless controller. The Xbox 360 tremendous Elite has been offered as a package cope with the subsequent video games: call of responsibility: modern warfare 2, Forza Motosport three, Halo three, Halo three: ODST and final myth XIII.

Xbox 360 slim: In June 2010 Microsoft released the 250GB narrow model and observed it with the release of the 4GB narrow model in August of 2010. The slim consoles are replacements for all antique Xbox 360 fashions. The slender fashions were an improvement on preceding consoles, fixing amongst others issues like loud fan noise and excessive energy consumption. additionally the Xbox 360 slender fashions have built-in WIFI and are Kinect prepared. In phrases of layout the 4GB has a black matte end, on the equal time because the 250GB version has a smooth black stop.


If you are new to the world of website design

If you are new to the world of website design

there are so many web site design agencies dotted spherical the world, it seems each guy and his dog is setting up the type of business organization, in fact every person with a computer seems able to offer this provider, and the expenses for the sort of service are losing like flies, you may choose up a website for a few hundred kilos and so forth.

So what makes one web site design employer certainly one of a type from every other? What are the specific promoting factors that you need to be looking for to make you pick out one enterprise over every other.

This question virtually relies upon upon the type of organisation that you are in, eg. if you are a flowery hotel with a number of restuarants, you will need a internet site a bit greater upmarket than say a nearby tradesman in conjunction with a plumber or an electrician; this is glaringly going to mirror within the charge that is charged.

If you’ll want normal updates for your net website this will additionally be contemplated in the rate you pay both monthly or at the begin.

one of the maximum unnoticed objects at the same time as looking for a website fashion designer is whether or not or not or not any are seeking engine optomisation (seo) is included, without this your internet site will in no way get visible through humans/customers searching for the keywords relating to your internet web page/business, this is probably the maximum critical factor even as deciding who to get to layout your website.

Designing web sites these days is pretty easy compared to 5 or 10 years within the past, you’ve got content material fabric managed web sites together with WordPress those may be constructed via sincerely everyone with an intermediate statistics of laptop systems, you do no longer need to have any website design or html knowledge. for this reason the purpose why there are such a number of web site design organizations arising, what those companies do no longer or can’t do is the maximum critical thing to do with a internet site and that is seek engine marketing, the trouble is that it takes a totally long time to do it proper.

if you’re searching out a web site design enterprise on your neighborhood location surely type in to Google “web site design” + your locality, as an instance web site design in Lincoln, this may bring you up a listing of net site designers in Lincoln displaying with a map in the pinnacle proper hand nook and little crimson flags showing where the organizations are placed, you want to be selecting one of these companies as there seo abilties have been verified thru them being on the first internet web page of Google.

Now you have to determine what you want to pay for being on the number one page of Google, i can pretty lots assure that ninety eight% of internet site designers will handiest need to construct you a internet web page first then rate you a fee for doing seek engine advertising artwork, what you want is the 2% of website design companies that do everything as a package deal deal and that allow you to pay for it monthly and without signing any kind of agreement, allow me give an explanation for.

if you are new to the world of website design, you’re likely uncertain as to whether or not it will be just right for you or now not, it appears a little unfair to ask you to pay £three hundred – £four hundred for a fundamental internet web site no longer information if it’s going to make you any money or at least get your phone ringing with enquiries.

the 2% of website design corporations that do what you need will do the subsequent, they’ll pay to your area name, they may construct you a website, they may host the net web page and they will get the internet web site located at the primary page of Google (generally within the top 3 spots) all freed from fee, they will then permit you a term to evaluate the amount of new business you’ve got received on this time (commonly 1 month from the time you get in to the top three spots).

only then will they price you in your website and seo, that is everywhere from £50 according to month to £2,000 in keeping with month relying at the sort of commercial enterprise you are in, what you need to don’t forget is that you have already visible the amount of profits you have were given crafted from your loose month at the pinnacle of Google, its truely now a rely of haggling with the intention to live there, in case you bear in mind it, it won’t genuinely rate you a few thing in truth as you’re paying in your subsequent months internet site at the pinnacle of Google out of your preceding months earnings, earnings you will no longer have had had you now not been at the pinnacle of Google.


Buy the gift nicely in advance

Buy the gift nicely in advance

1. do not emerge as buying something For yourself

the biggest and most common gift looking for blunder is purchasing for some issue you want for your self. all of us have finished this. always keep in mind that a present is some thing this is given to someone to provide THEM pride, leisure, delight, happiness. It calls for a perception and effort.

Spend a while considering the present. don’t forget who you are gifting and what they will be interested by. do not forget what their desires are and what ought to please them. think carefully approximately what they want but could no longer purchase for themselves.

2. Ask

Ask actually one in all their family individuals or taken into consideration one in all their buddies if they have noted some thing that they would like.

you may also just ask whoever you are buying the existing for. If they are announcing some thing particular, and it is in your fee variety, then get it. If it is too costly, get them something completely extremely good. (i.E. – If she need high-priced fragrance’ outside of your price range then buying less high priced fragrance is out. purchase her a couple of exquisite jewelry or some thing.)

If they say ‘now not some thing’, they do now not imply ‘not whatever’. If they say ‘something’ they don’t advocate ‘some thing’.

three. save

shop does not recommend buy, save manner shop. it’s an hobby that calls for you to go to several shops and browses their to be had goods. only after purchasing will you have the ability to shop for that ideal gift. This isn’t a hassle if you are the sort of people that genuinely like buying

in case you do not like shopping for then persist with searching on-line present stores. They make surfing smooth and available.

4. do not buy the primary aspect you spot.

Be glad together with your present. don’t absolutely buy some aspect because of the fact it’s miles within the bargain bin or as it emerge as the maximum high priced object in the shop. put attempt, care and attention into the choice of the gift.

appearance carefully at everything that catches your eye. test the fees and have a look at the evaluations. slim your listing down till you have located the prevailing. Then buy it!

five. if you purchase online, Have The gift Mailed To You

definitely giving the present is a large deal. If that isn’t always feasible then re-mail the gift and embody a brief letter. Be nice to carefully wrap it your self.

And, if the item is not as anticipated you may deliver it decrease lower back.

6. present cards and gift Baskets

In maximum times you can’t go incorrect with present playing cards. (however no longer to your widespread different)

present Baskets make first-rate gadgets for the person that has the entirety.

Amazon has amazing present playing playing cards and present baskets.

7. always include a gift Card

Little topics are critical, specially to ladies. recall, “you may deliver her a card with out a present, but by no means a gift without a card.” it is the card that virtually personalizes it.

excellent practice – do not buy the card, MAKE the cardboard.

There are internet web sites that let you make present playing cards. find one and use it. Be positive to write some thing personal within the card.

eight. constantly hold a Bottle of Wine ready

hold a supply of attractive wellknown or popular items like wine or bath stuff like soaps and lotions, and so forth. these are to be had in reachable in an emergency and constantly make higher gifts than what may be discovered at a quick-keep. And, in case you don’t present them, you have a bottle of wine.

9. keep away from Giving “realistic” items That Others Will make use of

A toaster may be given as a gift on mother’s Day however a Columbia girls’s sun Ridge Straw Hat might be a ‘real’ gift that could be more likely favored and loved. non-public gives are the great provides.

10. buy the gift nicely in advance

present shopping for is difficult enough – why make it greater hard via moreover walking out of time?

precise – Mark all activities (birthdays, anniversaries, vacations) on a calendar. placed a large X at the date 3 weeks in advance than the event.

higher – add alarms in your computer or clever cellular telephone.


 Information era appears a viable location to hammer

Information era appears a viable location to hammer

As enterprise adventure expenses nostril upward, corporations are knowing that higher fee-manage strategies should make a distinction

US. corporation journey fees rocketed to extra than $143 billion in 1994, consistent with American specific’ maximum recent survey on commercial employer tour manage. private-quarter employers spend an envisioned $2,484 in line with worker on travel and enjoyment, a 17 percent boom over the past four years.

company T&E prices, now the 0.33-largest controllable price within the again of income and records-processing expenses, are beneath new scrutiny. corporations are understanding that even a monetary financial savings of 1 percentage or 2 percent can translate into thousands and thousands of bucks added to their bottom line.

financial savings of that order are certain to get control’s attention, that may be a requirement for this form of venture. Involvement starts offevolved offevolved with information and comparing the additives of T&E manipulate that allows you to control and display it extra efficiently.

hands-on manage consists of assigning obligation for tour manipulate, imposing a nice-dimension device for tour offerings used, and writing and shelling out a proper excursion policy. most effective sixty 4 percent of U.S. businesses have adventure rules.

inspite of senior manage’s manual, the street to monetary savings is rocky-quality one in 3 corporations has efficiently instituted an inner software program on the way to assist reduce tour fees, and the myriad elements of journey are so overwhelming, most corporations do not know where to begin. “The company of adventure is primarily based mostly on data,” says Steven R. Schoen, founder and CEO of the global institution Inc. “till such time as a passenger surely units foot at the aircraft, they’ve [best] been buying statistics.”

If that is the case, information era appears a viable location to hammer out the ones elusive, however especially sought-after, financial savings. “Technological upgrades inside the agency tour enterprise are permitting firms to recognize the capacity of automation to govern and reduce indirect [tour] charges,” says Roger H. Ballou, president of the tour offerings institution u.s. of yank explicit. “further, many companies are embarking on top notch packages that encompass ultra-modern manner development and reengineering efforts designed to drastically enhance T&E control techniques and decrease oblique prices.”

As corporations look to era to make capability financial savings a truth, they can get very creative approximately the strategies they hire.

The awesome Leveler

Centralized reservation systems have been long the brilliant area of adventure dealers and extraordinary organisation experts. however all that modified in November 1992 whilst a branch of Transportation ruling allowed most people get right of access to to systems together with Apollo and SABRE. journey-manipulate software program, consisting of TripPower and TravelNet, right away sprang up, supplying corporations belief into wherein their T&E greenbacks are being spent.

The software tracks spending traits by the use of interfacing with the company’s database and imparting access to centralized reservation structures that provide immediate reservation information to airlines, accommodations and automobile apartment organizations. these packages additionally permit clients to generate automated journey reports on fee economic financial savings with facts on wherein reductions have been received, inn and automobile utilization and styles of tour among towns. real statistics gives agencies brought leverage when negotiating reductions with tour carriers.

“whilst you personal the information, you do no longer have to flow again to square one every time making a decision to trade agencies,” says Mary Savovie Stephens, journey supervisor for biotech massive Chiron Corp.

Sybase Inc., a patron/server software program chief with an annual T&E price range of extra than $15 million, agrees. “software program gives us superb visibility into how employees are spending their tour bucks and higher leverage to barter with tour issuer companies,” says Robert Lerner, director of credit rating and agency journey offerings for Sybase Inc. “we have higher get right of access to to statistics, faster, in a actual-time environment, that’s anticipated to hold us big economic savings in T&E. Now we have were given manipulate over our tour statistics and not ought to rely exclusively at the corporations and airways.”


UPVC Windows – Contemporary, Affordable, and Long Lasting Alternatives to Wood

Pitiably, uncontrolled and unregulated exploitation of forest tracts and felling of trees for commercial use has led to mass deforestation, which has resulted in the price of timber- and wood-based products multiplying many times over in the last decade. Moreover, the specter of global warming and climate change is hanging like a shadow over our senses, to which we have been a great contribution. Designers as well as home owners are on the constant look out for environment friendly, cheaper and viable alternatives to wood and wood based products, chiefly due to the price factor and also due to the frequent maintenance need of wood doors, frames, furniture and windows.

Over recent years, UPVC has grown in to a very popular material of choice in the construction and interior design industry. Any discerning builder and home owner is sure to think about the materials he would use in building the home or building, due to a multiplicity of reasons – mainly the cost, security and the estimated life span of the material. Designers choose UPVC over other materials like aluminum, cast iron, wood and other available options for the window and door designs primarily due to its weather resistant properties as much as it offers strength and aids ease of use and maintenance. The frames of windows and doors are also made of UPVC due to its sturdy nature in addition to its properties of withstanding diverse and extreme weather conditions.

UPVC is the low cost, low maintenance solution to every window and door design, with no or minimum need for post installation servicing and care. Also UPVC is an inherently chemically inert material which coupled with its toughness gives it the best option for durability over the other available materials.

UPVC windows offer the best kind of insulation against outdoor noises, sounds and a diverse range of weather conditions, better than any other material in use such as wood, iron and aluminum.

UPVC windows and frames are good at maintaining indoor warmth from permeating outside and outdoor noises from entering indoors. The multi-boundary set up of UPVC windows and door units aid to create the extra acoustic insulating properties, which is unfounded in other materials in use. Windows and doors made of UPVC offer more advantages than that of their alternatives as it does not rot, warp or peel like wood and unlike iron or aluminum, it wouldn’t rust. And the quality and longevity of UPVC windows and frames is many times more compared to their counterparts.

Metal balances rather than sash cords provide smooth, easily controlled opening and closing of the best made UPVC windows.

A simple tilt catch mechanism is all it takes to allow the window sash to tilt inwards to enhance your natural ventilation options. It also aids in easy cleaning of the pane. Severe and thorough testing during production of the UPVC windows, frames and doors have aided in designing tightly weather sealed windows, doors and frames that prevent draughts and rattles which windows usually develop in high wind areas.


Mobile App Vs Website for ECommerce

Nobody can ignore the importance of mobile platform, especially e commerce businesses who are witnessing an influx in customer visits to their site from a mobile platform. As per a study done in 2015, 85% consumers prefer mobile apps over websites and 41% smartphone owners had made at least one purchase from their smartphone. Further, the worldwide market share of mobile commerce is expected to touch 70% by 2017 and by 2020 it is expected that the revenue generated by mobile commerce will be around $ 284 billion.

However, that does not mean that the web platform can be entirely neglected in favour of the mobile platform, or having a web application will mean that you will tap a greater market share. As much as people prefer the mobile platform for ecommerce shopping, studies have also shown that of the 8.52% desktop users that add to cart, 2.78% make an actual purchase. On the other hand, on mobile platform the add to cart rate is 4.7% and conversion rate is 80%.

1. Responsive, mobile or both?

It has become imperative for all websites and web applications to be responsive or adaptive as they can be accessed from a desktop, tablet or smartphone, and business owners have to work with this assumption while embarking on going live with their solution. Also, Google marks down the page ranking of web solutions that are not adaptive to the varying screen size. The user experience and interface presentation varies for desktop and mobile platforms. Hence, the treatment of the web solution will vary based on the device it is likely to be accessed on. If half of the daily traffic to the website is accessing it from a mobile device, then the business is likely to lose a large chunk of customers. A Google survey of smartphone users in the USA revealed that over 65% preferred using a mobile website over mobile application for online shopping. Also, conversions have improved significantly for leading ecommerce businesses since adopting responsive websites since it offer better customer experience. Also, 40% web users abandon a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Responsiveness trims the web interface to ensure that the website is not heavy and loads quickly.

2. Need for a mobile application

Established ecommerce businesses have a mobile application handy along with a responsive website for their business. Quite a few businesses have tried adopting mobile application alone instead of launching a website. Based on the type of product or service being offered, very few have succeeded, though even they did at the cost of losing a greater market share. As per a study by VisionMobile, over 55% mobile apps earn less than $500/ month. Another Gartner report suggests that 25% app users use it only once and about 80-90% of apps are eventually deleted.

Despite these demotivating figures, a mobile application makes sense and is even preferred in many scenarios by online shoppers because it is convenient, fast and easier to browse. Also, it is easier to push personalised notifications on new offers and the customer can also respond faster.

3. More on Mobile Technology and its advantage over website

On a mobile app, the user is always logged in, so shopping cart can be accessed faster and it is more secure to save credit card details. Further, in case of using net banking and other modes of payment where one time passwords are required, these get auto-filled, speeding the payment process. Device technologies also make a lot of difference in enhancing the shopping experience for the users. Some instances,


  • Mobile camera – the front mobile camera can be used by the buyer to load their image and check the outfit or accessory on themselves. The camera can also be used as a barcode scanner for making payments or finding products online



  • iBeacon – iBeacon sends real-time alerts to app user when they pass the shop and inform them of any new offer or which aisle they can find some specific product on.



  • iNFC – NFC can be used to make one-tap payment



  • GPS – the GPS and map can be used to locate stores, centres and even track real-time location of the package to be delivered.


4. Mobile and web strategy

Whether the business launches a mobile application immediately or not, it is essential to have a fully functioning mobile strategy. Whether it is a responsive design or mobile application, there must be a clarity in goals while designing the solution so that the user experience is enriched by the shopping experience.

A new business can opt for web development services in India or any of the leading web service providing countries in favour of mobile app development solutions in the initial days of their ecommerce solution launch. A responsive website or web application will be meaningful investment for the long term and will also give the customer a sense of permanency about the business. Extending the service with a mobile application thereafter will ensure greater number of downloads and establish brand loyalty, which is a fickle currency in times of such tough competition.



It Would Be Nice to Have Some Good News on Environmental Initiatives For Sustainable Farming

It can be a can be a depressing business for a writer to follow developments on tackling climate change or sustainable, environmentally friendly farming and food scarcity.

Just occasionally, however, there are signs that perhaps the message is getitng through and there are glimmers of hope. In the face of unrelenting bad news such initiatives should have wider publicity than they sometimes receive.

It tends to be taken for granted that global agribusiness and particularly the producers of the chemical-based fertilisers that contributed to the success of the Green Revolution of the 1960s and 1970s have also been major contributors to the environmental and food scarcity problems we now face.

While it may be true that improved scientific knowledge since those days has identified the downsides and longer term consequences of those agricultural techniques many of us have become very suspicious of all global enterprises involved in agriculture.

A skeptical approach to new scientific innovations from large multinational companies may be understandable but in the long run it may be counter-productive in making us too risk averse, stifling the openness to innovation we may need to tackle the huge problems facing the world.

One such problem is the FAO (UN Food and Agriculture Organisation) estimate that we need to increase food production by 70% to feed the nine billion people expected to be inhabiting the planet by 2050.

How that can be done without tearing up even more forest, parkland and natural habitats for agriculture is a serious problem.

There are some suggested solutions, such as using biotechnology in plant breeding, protection of plants with integrated pest management techniques using new-generation low-chem biopesticides, biofungicides and yield enhancers. Properly used such products can potentially increase crop yields by 24% and reduce yield losses by 40-80%.

The key, however, is whether we will accept them and whether they will be used properly.

The plant science industry is committed to proper, ethical management of its products right from research and development through to disposal of waste. This includes ensuring any risks from the use of crop protection products, such as pesticides, are minimised. It is represented globally by CropLife International.

CropLife International has recently supported CropLife Asia and CropLife India to launch a project in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh to train more than 100,000 farming families in proper handling and use of crop protection products. It will be delivered by local partners including an experienced local NGO, called EFFORT.

Hopefully it will result in improved profit margins for the state’s many small farmers, improve sustainable farming and farming yields, and do something to reduce the high suicide rate among farmers there that has made headlines around the world.

The Rainforest Alliance is another organisation that perhaps should receive more publicity.

It works to promote sustainable farming in 25 tropical countries around the world, with a scheme of sustainable agriculture certification that has so far benefited more than two million farm workers and their families.

It sets tough criteria to achieve the certification seal that they can then put on their products. The label is a green circle containing a green frog and one to watch out for when buying products in your local supermarket.

The aims are to show reduced water pollution and soil erosion, reduced threats to the environment and human health, protection of wildlife habitats, less waste farm by-products (by using such things as orange peel, banana leaves and other non-saleable foliage as natural fertiliser). Farmers must also demonstrate reduced water use, better conditions of working for farm workers. Local NGOs audit the farms, large and small, on these criteria before they achieve their certificate.

The certificates are also displayed by companies like Chiquita (bananas), Unilever, Kraft and Nestle Nespresso as independent, third-party endorsement of their commitment to sustainable agriculture.

In addition the journal, Nature, recently published an article suggesting that there is a need for a global network of research centres providing data on the best use of land to governments and farmers to help them take decisions towards more sustainable food production methods while preserving biodiversity.

Finally, although it is not strictly about agriculture, during the writing of this article news was announced that the Indian Government had refused the UK mining company Vedanta permission for a bauxite mine in Orissa because the site was on land sacred to two local tribes.

Jairam Ramesh, India’s Environmental Minister, said the project breached both environmental protection acts and the rights of the tribals who depend on the land and its forests for their livelihoods.

Hopefully there will be more such initiatives and decisions in enough time to repair some of the damage that human activity has done to the planet before it becomes impossible to reverse.



How to Make Use of Google Trends to Write on Technology News

To put it simple and straight, “Google trends” is a form of data provided by Google itself. This data represents the most searched topics on internet in a particular span of time. Google trends has been used in many ways by a number of website owners to increase their website traffic. If you are also a website owner, you can use Google trends to increase your website traffic too. But how does it work?

Using Google trends to increase website traffic is very easy.

The time you spend working on search engine optimization to increase your website traffic is very tiring. Though, SEO is a long term solution to get the targeted traffic but trends will get you the traffic on the same day for a particular term or topic. Simply use the hot trends.

If you are not aware how it works, you might think how to use hot trends for increasing traffic? This service works the best for news websites. This service can change your traffic statistics for once and for all. You simply need to select a topic from Google trends and start writing on it. As soon as you publish your article on your website, you will see an increase in the traffic of your website. You can always check your website’s traffic via Google analytics. Moreover, once you publish the post, it is highly recommended to submit the post to maximum number of social networks. You might be thinking why to do that? The reason is that Google bot consecutively visits the social networks, while it may take time to crawl your website. Once your article is available on the social networks it will mean your article is crawled. And once the article is crawled on time it will be available for the readers. It is important to perform all these steps in a speedy and uninterrupted manner. Once you decide to write an article you must make sure that you post in the same hour. Again do not forget to submit the post to social networks.