GATHERING professions are fewer than the CRAFTING professions

Each profession in WoW is dependent on other professions. This makes choosing sometimes difficult. There are several professions which would be near impossible to level up if you did not choose the appropriate GATHERING profession to go along with it.

Below are the CRAFTING professions: Blacksmithing




Enchanting (To an extent)


Alchemy Here are the list of GATHERING professions: Mining



You’ll notice that the GATHERING professions are fewer than the CRAFTING professions. Many crafting professions rely on one gethering profession. For example, Alchemy and Inscription rely on Herbalism. Blacksmithing and Engineering rely heavily on Mining. Tailoring, however doesn’t rely on any particular gathering profession, as the cloth required for tailoring is typically dropped from NPC’s around the world. Picking your professions is going to depend on what you want to do. Most people look to professions for a quick way to make Gold, but in many cases this becomes farther from the truth. Many people end up concentrating on levelling their characters to the cap, then focus on their professions afterwards, like myself. In this case, any of the gathering professions would be a good choice. While you’re levelling, questing, running instances, etc. you will come across all kinds of different materials along the way. This way, as you’re getting through your levelling, you’ll be levelling your gathering professions at the same time! This is also a good way to financially support yourself, as mats always sell with the utmost importance in the Auction House. Herbalism and Skinning are probably the easiest, as you can find herbs everywhere, including fields and mountains. Skinning is even easier, as it’s found in many of the wildlife/beasts in every area you’ll run into.

Mining is always as easy, as the veins you’ll require are typically only found on mountains and hillsides, sometimes in water, which make finding them in certain areas difficult. Stacks of 20 low level skinning mats, like light leather, can and does go for upwards of 20 Gold on the Auction House, making it a potential cash cow for those looking to build their savings. For those with more free time on their hands than the average casual player, a gathering and crafting profession can yield more returns at the higher levels. Rare and Epic BOE (Bind On Equip) crafted items can sell really well on the Auction House, but sometimes require multiple hours of gathering. For example, one of the most high demand items right now, at least on my server, is the Titansteel Destroyer 2H Mace. This involves making Titansteel bars, which can only be made in quantities of 1 every 24 hours. This translates to waiting over 100 hours to be able to make one, but the gold yield is great. If you do not spend any gold buying mats, or buying other blacksmiths’ 1 titansteel smelt, you can yield a large profit over 1,000Gold, and be guaranteed to have the item sold before the weekend is over. So, if you can’t or don’t work during the day, you can see how this could yield more profits in a quicker timeframe. Enchanting is the exception to the rule. Enchanters have a unique advantage, in that the mats they need for their profession are obtained only by having the one profession, through the use of disenchanting. Uncommon, rare, and epic items can be disenchanted into the various dusts, essences, and shards that are required for this profession.

The only downside is that they require uncommon or higher items, which are sometimes hard to find. Myself, having a level 80 character and just starting Enchanting, I can run instances to get the items I need. I have already started profiting greatly from this unique advantage. Almost all players above level 30 are going to invest in enchanting their gear, especially those at the higher levels who know the gear they have will be their gear for a very long time. This extends profitability of enchanting, as you have two sources of income. You can then pick up another gathering profession if you wish, and sell those mats as well, yielding 3 different sources of income.

Levelling the gathering professions is easiest. In most cases each looted item will grant you a level up in your gathering skill. You’ll want to move to areas of higher levels when the items you’re currently farming become “green”. When clicking over the item (Plant, Vein, Beast), it will state “Requires” and the profession it requires. This line will appear in Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, or Grey. Red means it is too difficult for you to do, and you will not be allowed to loot the item. Orange is your best bet, as it will guarantee a level-up. Yellow is slightly less likely to grant a level, generally one level per 2-3 items. Green however is on average one level every 5-10 loots, which will take forever to complete in this fashion. When the line appears grey, you will not level up the skill at all.

Since the crafting professions generally require more than one of each material, the crafting skills are harder to level. But again, if you have the time, and aren’t going to be a casual player, these yield more profits later on.

Engineering is a cloudy profession for me. It’s benefits are typically for the player, in that they can make certain things like goggles which increase ranged attack, or other buffs of that nature. They can also craft bombs which can “Blow open” locked doors (Perfect for those of us who can’t get into certain instances because we don’t have keys). Many of the items that are crafted cannot be used by players who are not engineers. The profession requires the use of rods made of copper, silver, etc. This means that there’s a heavy dependency on mining, and blacksmithing alike. Miners can mine the ores that are needed to make these rods, and then smelt them into bars, but cannot actually made the rods. This must be done by a blacksmith, which helps the blacksmith with an income source.

These items can be sold in stacks on the AH for profit, albeit a low one. Copper rods generally won’t go for a very large amount, and they’re pretty common items on the AH. Engineers also generally become close friends with someone trained in Mining/Blacksmithing and pay small tips to them to gather and craft the rods on their own free will. Most engineers are of the Gnome race, as they will get bonuses to skill in this profession. Gnomes, after all, are known as the inventors in World of Warcraft, riding around on Mechanical chickens and crafting airplanes for flight in Northrend instead of the usual griffons.

Hopefully, this information will help a casual player, dedicated player, or overall WoW addict decide what professions are good for their particular timeframe and needs.

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