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Lamination is done by laminating photos of stone, wood grain, or other surfaces on the flooring material, and many see this as a unique, unconventional way of making their kitchens look unique and appealing. The use of bamboo tiles is also fast rising, because of the spiraling cost of hardwood, as well as for the need to make kitchens environment-friendly areas as possible. Bamboo is of course, a truly beautiful and renewable resource, and should help to make this part of the home look as unique and fashionable as possible.

Finally, home design experts agree that the best method of choosing which floor tiles are appropriate for kitchens, would be to browse through home design catalogs and brochures and familiarize yourself with different designs and patterns, as well as finding out how much each pattern costs. However, it would all depend on your personal preferences and desires. In the end, you should ensure that the tiles you buy are able to withstand spills, scratches, soil and other elements, so that it would be able to last for years, and stay as beautiful as ever.

Jo is a content writer for ‘Benchmark Interiors’ (, a UK kitchen furniture manufacturer that concentrates in bespoke handmade kitchens, bedroom and home office furniture development and build. If you are eager to create designer kitchens and want them to be classy yet efficient or just want to know about bespoke kitchens design then you ought to have a look at Benchmark Interiors.

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