The following 6 companies are a diversified list of Brazil’s top stocks to buy:

2) BBD (Banco Bradesco – Financial Bank and Institution) cbd oil

3) BRFS (Brazil Foods – Large supplier of Meat, Dairy and Processed Foods)

4) CBD (Companhia Brasiliera – Large Retailer like Walmart)

5) VALE (Vale Do Rio Doce – Steel and Iron Ore Supplier)

6) PBR (Petrobras – Huge Integrated Oil Co)

The other way to take advantage of Brazil’s growth in the next few years and this new decade is to buy EWZ (Brazil Market ETF) or BRF (Brazil Small Cap ETF). The bottom line is that an investor should do very well by investing in Brazil both now and in the future. Keep looking for more of our posts on some good stocks to buy in Brazil and in other countries.

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Keith Hugenberg is the President/CEO of Jalexa Trading Consultants LLC, a stock trading and investing educational company

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