Addiction To Thinking

Having a clear and strong vision is the cornerstone of coaching success for both coaches and their clients. A great coach should not only have a strong vision of his own; They must also be able to help their clients or ‘PBC’ (the person being trained) to develop their clients.

Alberto Mallo

The best insights are clear, useful, and achievable, and inseparable from who you (or your clients) are. As a coach, if you can master the skill of helping to create clear and true insights for yourself and others, you will be light years ahead of your competitors. . It helps you and your clients alike the foundation on which you can build a successful and fulfilling life, both personally and professionally.

First, work on your own vision

Without a clear vision of what you want to do, where you want to go, or what you want, success will be much more difficult, and even impossible, to achieve. How do you know what to do, and what actions to take, if you don’t know where you are going?

Not having a vision is like sailing without a destination. You end up in the Sea of ​​Destiny with no harbor, wandering around the ocean aimlessly, being carried in whatever direction the winds are heading. When a tough storm strikes, hurricane strength winds will likely upset your last plans right away. You will look like you are on the ship of goons.

Having a clear vision and message is what this destiny gives you. Although storm strength challenges might temporarily disturb your progress, it will be easier to get back on track and achieve your goals.

Contrary to what many people believe, visions do not usually appear magically. It can take some time, which requires reflection, self-analysis, and journaling. It also helps to review your past successes and, equally importantly, past disappointments and failures. Take advantage of your dreams, talents, and desires. Pay attention to your call to be a trainer.

The first place you should look when developing your vision is within that deeper inner self. You can take advantage of your talent, dreams, desires, or any other way to help you discover those nuggets that will become your navigational beacons in life.

Unfortunately, there are usually no shortcuts to creating your vision. You can’t just “fake it”; Work is required. But the rewards for doing the work can save you years, and even a lifetime, of frustration by allowing you and your clients to live the life you intended.

Seven ideas to help advance your vision

Idea 1: Listen and look inside

Since vision starts from within, it makes sense to hear and feel what your mind and soul really want. What moves your heart? What is your biggest wish? What do you dream of?

Conclusion: Make sure your vision comes from within. If what you want to pursue doesn’t really reach your inner depths, it will likely be impossible to achieve.

Second idea: seek help from others; Make it a team sport

We do not live in a bubble. Use equipment wherever you can. Take the advice of someone who has more experience with you, especially in training. Find a coach who works on vision. Seek help from friends who know you well. They can help you confirm or challenge your feedback and provide a reality check.

Creating a MasterMind group of 4-6 people who also work on your vision can be very powerful. Use weekly or bi-monthly calls to support each other and keep the momentum going.

Asking for direction and using others not only helps you see; It also puts you on the receiving end for help. This experience, in turn, will help you when you become the coach helping others see you. You will have done the proverb “Walk in your shoes”.

Idea number # 2: Create a sacred interior space to dive in

The vision you create for your practice begins in your mind and heart. It is something that you can feel, savor, see, hear and touch your soul.

Creating a supportive internal environment is a powerful way to help you develop your vision. To reach the inner depths of your mind and heart, find a way to retreat to a calm, quiet place where your mind is free of “outside noise.”

In this sacred space, your heart, mind, and soul can easily access what might be called the Source. What you can find there is your most authentic self. Take advantage of it successfully, and your vision will likely explode with ease.

Although your mind can resist with every iota of your being, try to give in to this void. Check your brain at the door. Master Zen once said, “You really are what you seek.” But it will be easier for you to discover that if you are relaxed and can distract yourself out of the way.

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