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When the idea of ​​blogging was first brought up on the Internet, it was an instant phenomenon. Suddenly, almost everyone feels the need to create their own space on the Internet by writing their thoughts. Then the podcast was introduced: Blogging in audio form. Like its predecessor, it was an instant success. Today, the latest trend is vlogging.

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What video blog do you ask? A video blog or what is generally known as a video blog or video blog, can be defined as the posting of a series of videos on a specific website where audience comments are encouraged. Although this latest form of web communication is still in its infancy, video bloggers are excited at the idea of ​​publishing their video series online.

So why do people use vblogs? Well, most vbloggers take advantage of vloggers to create their own mini programs. With an RSS feed, they can automatically send their new episodes to a wide audience. Meanwhile, others simply enjoy trying the new technology.

You might be wondering why you bother with video blogging when you can actually express your thoughts with just a regular blog. Well that’s another way to look at it. When you blog, especially when it comes to a topic that interests you most, have you ever wished your readers could see your expressions so they could fully understand your feelings? Well, this is what blogging has to offer that regular blogs don’t. It gives you the opportunity to fully connect with your audience, as they can see your facial expressions and hear your tone of voice.

Also, since vlogging is more advanced than any other type of blogging, it’s a great tool for delivering exciting content like sports, events and TV, and the list goes on. With vblogs you can easily share your enthusiasm for your content.

Vblogs also offers its users, especially those who live far from home, a rare opportunity to keep in touch with their friends and family. Think of it as a great new way to share baby’s first steps with your grandparents. For those who dream of being the next big thing on TV, this is your chance to shine!

So how do you start your own video blog? Well, keep in mind that video blogging is not as simple and easy as regular blogging where all you do is write. Since vblogging is more advanced, the process is more complicated. Here you will need a computer powerful enough to work with movie programs, and of course a camera capable of capturing videos and capturing footage.

The first step is the easiest, make the video digitally on your camera or camcorder. There are a number of ways you can assemble your vblog, and since you don’t work in a studio, you can get rid of rules from the window. You are in absolute control! After your video is done, the next thing you need to do is download it to your computer and prepare it for formatting and compression.

On vblogging, you will work with different movie shows. The most used programs include iMovie for Mac users and Movie Maker for PC users. Other vbloggers blogs also use Final Cut Pro and Avid Free DV. Choose one that you feel comfortable with. Once you download the movie, you can use these programs to make changes to your videos, such as inserting a new movie, creating titles or subtitles, and adding background music.

After editing your video, the next step is to compress it. This is the tricky part. You want the movie to be compressed as much as possible so that the audience can download it quickly. However, if you compress the movie too much, the quality will be less severe. The key here is balance. Make your video small enough to download quickly, but make sure it has enough resolution. You don’t want your audience to just stare at what those lovable square pixel photos are.

Once you have compressed your video, you are ready to upload it online. If your Quicktime movie is zipped, you can simply place it on your website with a direct link to it (this looks a lot like when you are working on a regular webpage). It might also be a good idea to join the vlogging community. Just keep in mind that every community has its own set of rules regarding uploading videos so be sure to read this carefully before uploading.

Also remember to read the User Agreement carefully. There may be some vlogging sites that have certain restrictions on the type of content you can post. It is important to know

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