Can Milk Cause Asthma Symptoms Such As Wheezing – Does It Cause Mucus Production?

It is widely regarded by many people suffering from asthma, that drinking milk can cause excessive mucus or phlegm production which in turn will lead to asthmatic symptoms.

In fact even I have believed this to be true in the past. I have convinced myself that drinking dairy milk was worsening my asthma. I even switched to drinking soy milk for many years, having to acquire a taste to that controversial milk type, until I found out how dangerous that is!

So to answer your question, no I do not believe that milk does cause asthma. This is a total misconception. Recent studies have proven no link between drinking milk and asthma or excessive mucus production. Unless you have some sort of intolerance to dairy milk, drinking milk will not cause asthma.

I know there are a lot of people out there saying otherwise and they are entitled to their opinions. My personal opinion is that no food on this planet can cause asthma. If it did, everybody who drinks or eats that particular food would develop asthmatic symptoms. But we know that is not true. It may trigger asthma but only those with an existing intolerance. The only way to tell if you are intolerant is by finding out for yourself. Do not believe whatever anybody says about this issue. Milk is a nutritional staple in many people’s diet and you shouldn’t just exclude it because of something you read on the internet.

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