Famous Advertising Slogans – Why These 5 Advertising Slogans Work Like Gangbusters

What do famous advertising slogans have that regular slogans don’t? Well, quite a lot, actually. Aside from having amazing recall, they have a certain “x” factor that makes people look twice. They tickle the fancies of their target markets and represent their products in witty and original ways.

Famous advertising slogans follow the rule, “either you have it or you don’t.” Here are some of the slogans that certainly have it right.

1) “Everything is easier on a Mac.” – Apple

It’s not mentioned anywhere on the slogan but you know that Apple is comparing Mac to another computer. That’s the beauty of it. It’s like you’re in on a big secret.

In some way, Apple is capitalizing on its competitor by pitting the latter’s weakness against its strength. Besides, everybody wants to take the easy way out and Apple is promising just that.

2) “Once you pop, you can’t stop.” – Pringles

On the other hand, Pringles is banking on people’s gluttony. There’s just something about junk food that makes it difficult to stop eating. The slogan is catchy and has not been changed since it became famous many years ago.

The rhyming effect, when done correctly, also helps the people remember the actual slogan. Now, everybody knows what Pringles is and what the slogan is.

3) “Connecting people.” – Nokia

Nokia’s famous advertising slogan “Connecting people” can be taken both literally and figuratively. However, the figurative meaning brings in the bigger bucks.

Of course, being a mobile phone company, Nokia really does deal in connectivity. However, Nokia is also sending out the message that it cares about relationships. Most of the company’s commercials also aim to emphasize human relationships and make it the center of the story.

4) “Finger Lickin’ Good.” – Kentucky Fried Chicken

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