Famous Astrologists and Predictions

Astrologists the world over are considered famous when they make a correct prediction. What the prediction is/was or how it came to be, however, is another issue all together. Generally, this is because, although astrology is generally considered a science, its predictions can be interpreted in ways that may not necessarily be considered scientific. In this sense, when people seek advice from astrology advisors they are seeking advice from exactly that, an advisor. Interestingly enough, however, there is a distinguished group of men that brought astrology into the main stream (as-it-were) that relied strictly on the scientific method to do so.

At the center

Astrologists rest there craft at the center of the solar system, and the sun. The practice of astrology has been around for quite some time but it only began to formulate in “modern” Western minds when some upstart observers proposed that the planets revolved around a fixed sun. Although the entire hypothesis was not fully fleshed out at the time, Copernicus got the modern practice of astrology rolling with his theory. One might spin this happening in one way or another but astrologists likely owe their modern livelihood to this free thinker. Following in Copernicus’ footsteps were Galileo and Kepler who focused on more practical aspects such as observation and the math involved when astrology advisors make their predictions.

What is famous?

Saying somebody is a famous astrologist is a fairly difficult task. The label of “famous” really depends upon how much stock one places in any one particular activity or event. If an astrologist predicts a car accident does that make him famous? If an astrologist predicts the US Space Craft Challenger’s accident does that make him famous? So, famous really depends on where in the world one is talking about and how much stock that population places on astrology and the outcome of the event that the prediction was made about.

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