The Most Famous Red Wines

The Best red wines ever

Wine is an alcoholic beverage that has adorned countless pages of human history. As far as alcoholic beverages are concerned there is none that brings such history and such a heightened sense of sophistication. Wine can be found anywhere but good wine is expensive and like all things that represents a stylish status quo and is not available at your everyday super markets. However the difference in their tastes is insurmountable and it is very apparent as to why such a great deal of effort goes into making these beverages.

Wine perfection from the skin?

There are different types of wine but if one was to have a favorable impression onto those who appreciates good wine then it is imperative that they some knowledge regarding this global industry. Red wine is separated from white wine by the fact that it is fermented while the grapes still have their skins, and it is this skin, which through the process of maceration gives red wine its color. The process that goes in to making wine is fairly the same for everybody; what differs is the products used, in this case, the grapes. Grapes of specific regions are simply better than others and it makes a substantial contribution in determining the most famous red wines.

The most popular types of wine include the red wine for its high alcoholic content and stunning flavors. It can both be drunk and can be cooked and although there are many world class wineries famous for their red wines, for you to get the best value for your money it is advisable that you know the most famous red wines.


If you were to impress your boss, then a good idea would be to gift him a bottle of “Cabernet Sauvignon”. This make originates from Bordeaux, France and is famous for its unique and seductive aroma.


Then again, the “Malbec” is also a suitable choice in an occasion that demands that you hone your brewing knowledge. Burgundy, France is also famous for being the home of the “Pinot Noir”, a mixture that requires exceptional patience and precision but delivers a splendid drink none the less.

Although, the country of France plays a very influential role in the modern wine making industry, other countries like California and Italy are not very far behind. California is famous in the winery world for being the only country with the suitable climatic conditions necessary to produce “Zindafel”, a red wine made from a special breed of grapes that prospers in heat and humidity. The Italian red wines, “Sangiovese” and “Nebbiolo”, would be the ideal gift for a loved one because of its complex and hypnotizing aroma. The Italian makes taste better the older they are and hence not only are they really expensive they are also incredibly rare.

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