Tips to Dealing With Allergies and Asthma

Allergies and asthma are like two peas in a pod, they go hand in hand with each other. They affect both the young and the old alike and for about 90% of asthmatic patients, allergens are the triggers of an asthma attack.

How do allergies and asthma relate?

Allergens are external agents that, when come in contact with certain receptors in your body, cause an immune response. This response is caused because your body thinks of the allergen as an antigen (harmful protein) by the immune system. This results in inflammation of the organ involved. Though allergies are common in many individuals, in some extreme cases they leads to an anaphylactic shock. At this stage the life of the individual is put at risk.

For asthma patients, the receptors are usually found in the airway tract. So when the allergen finds its way into the respiratory tract, either due to inhaling or swallowing, it results an immune response against it. The responses usually are inflammation of airway, and tightening of the muscles. Mucus is also secreted, and this causes difficulty breathing and results in short breaths. The severity of the response usually depends on the individual, and the quantity of allergen that was inhaled.

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