Who Can Acquire Adult Onset Asthma

Adult onset asthma debunks the belief that asthma only appears when we are still children. Recent Asthma diagnosis has concluded that even adults, 20 years and above, can have asthma. This type of asthma is more common to women than men. It was also found out that it occurs less than child-onset asthma. This article will provide you the characteristics of this type of asthma.

Many of the known types of asthma are known to develop during childhood. But adult onset asthma manifests when you get older. You develop this asthma when you turn 20 or even beyond 50 years old. This is most common to women, however, this has not been explained why women are the most likely to develop this type of asthma. Although some findings points to heredity and some points to environmental factors, there is really no silver bullet to stop it from happening.

Asthma diagnosis have linked this type of asthma to both allergy and not. About half of adult onset asthma has been caused by ones exposure to specific materials such as cigarette smoke, mold, dust and many more. This means that the environment of an adult can greatly affect his chances of developing asthma. The other half points to non-allergic causes which can be derived from ones genes or caused by heredity or can be caused by your physical changes. This is known to be the intrinsic cause of asthma. It negates the idea that asthma is only caused by your environment.

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