Raising Children With Asthma

Parents who have children with asthma will want to know as much about the condition as possible. In fact, there are certain risk factors that may lead to youngsters developing asthma, and parents should be aware of these. When they can spot some of the risk factors and perhaps even obtain an early diagnosis, they will be able to help their children manage the condition and live quite normal lives as they grow older. Many asthmatic children, in fact, with the right precautions, participate in strenuous sports at their local middle and high schools.

If a child is born to a family with a history of allergies, or develops allergies him/herself, then he/she may go on to develop asthma. Tobacco smoke can also be a contributing factor. Children who have trouble breathing during physical activity, or who wheeze quite violently when they play with other kids, may have asthma. Other symptoms may include frequent tiredness after exercise or even headaches that crop up and fade away without warning. Children who lose their appetites may also have asthma. When many of these conditions occur together, a respiratory specialist should be seen.

Inhalers that are filled with carefully prescribed medications can be dispensed to certain children with the condition. If they feel an asthma attack coming on, they can simply take a few puffs on the inhaler, which should help to open up the breathing passageways and get them feeling much better. Young boys and girls who are part of the track team, for instance, should let their coaches know of the condition. The coaches can keep an eye on them and can get their inhaler to them if they happen to need it.

Lung doctors can examine children who are suspected to be asthmatic and can quickly make a professional determination on the case. They will have access to a series of tests that can be used to find out what is going on. Once the diagnosis has been made, a plan of action can be developed. Children, even if they are young, should be briefed on their condition so that they have a decent understanding of how to handle the symptoms. They should also be instructed to inform their parents if the symptoms themselves get worse.

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