You Need A Criminal Defense Attorney To Present Your Domestic Violence Charge

Arguments between intimate partners can get out of hand sometimes and it can lead to one of the partners accusing the other with domestic violence. When this is reported to authorities, it is charged as a domestic violence case. Domestic violence can be stalking, battery, assault, rape, kidnapping or false imprisonment. If you have any of these charges slapped then you need a criminal defense attorney immediately.

Domestic violence cases can be charged by husbands, wives, girlfriends or boyfriends. If found guilty there are probabilities that the accused can serve time in jail, especially if there are injuries involved. The outcome varies based on situations. Even if the defendant pleads guilty or if a verdict is given, it will be recorded. Sometimes the defendant will be sentenced to counselling based on the case facts.

Most of the time charges on partners are filed due to temper flares and may not be true. This act may in fact ruin the life of the partner. However, these kinds of cases are based on reports and the state decides on if the case is to be proceeded.

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