Get To Know The Liquor Industry In British Columbia, Canada!

British Columbia Quick Facts as of 2012:

Government operated liquor stores: 197

Private operated liquor stores: close to 700

Restaurants: close to 5600

Pubs and clubs: close to 2500

Manufacturers – wineries, breweries, and distilleries: close to 570

Government Revenue

Gross sales Operational year 2011/2012 – $2.9 billion

Gross sales Operational year 2007/2008 – $2.7 billion

Importing liquor in Canada is heavily regulated, controlled, and monitored by the respective Provincial Government represented by a Liquor Board. Every Liquor Board operates in accordance with their own policies and guidelines, which makes them autonomous. The Liquor Board in British Columbia is called “British Columbia Liquor Distribution Branch” (BCLDB). BCLDB is the only organization allowed to purchase, import, and distribute alcoholic beverages in British Columbia. Now I would like to list some of the most important principles, in regards to the BCLDB regulations and guidelines:

– Only BCLDB has the authorization to import liquor into British Columbia. This may sound a bit confusing the way it sounds, so that is why I want to elaborate a little bit on this. The only importer of liquor, in this context means that BCLDB imports on behalf of already approved agent/distributor.

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