The Best British Cars

Jaguar, Rolls Royce, Aston Martin, and Lotus – what do they have in common? If you are thinking they are some of the world’s best cars then you are correct. But aside from being the best automobile in the world, these cars are all British cars.

Jaguar gained its worldwide fame during the 1960s because of its drop top roadsters. It is a favorite choice of cars in several films such as Austin Powers. At present, Jaguar is owned by Indian Tata Motors.

Another British car is the Rolls Royce. Regarded as the car of the millionaires, Rolls Royce is known for its class and size. It is often used as limousines by the rich and the famous from all parts of the world. All through the years, Rolls Royce has manufactured expensive and exclusive car models such as Phantom, which is a favorite car by Hollywood celebrities 50 Cent and P Diddy.

Not to be forgotten when it comes to the best British car is the Aston Martin. This car is best known to be the car for Agent 007 or popularly known as James Bond, the fictional character for the movie with the same name. Aston Martin is known for manufacturing supercars with incredible style like their models Vanquish and DB9.

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