The Britishers Impact on Indian Economy

The Indian economy grew at a healthy rate of 7.6 per cent per year in 2006-7, and a question of this growth has been the degree to which the Indian Britishers impact by investing back into the Indian economy, has been beneficial.

Now, that brings India’s growth closer to China’s 10 percent pace, and one way in which it is being achieved is the Britisher influence and investment from Indians resident in the United Kingdom. The Indian economy is growing in some very high profile and high value areas these days as well as in the traditional commodities, and that is attracting wealthy ex patriot Indians to invest heavily back into their home country. There are now a lot of these people who have made good in the UK but now seek a more rapidly growing market in which to develop their businesses, and see India as the ideal place to do their business.

For example, advanced research in biotechnology and the drug industry is growing rapidly, and it is attracting UK money. And why shouldn’t it? The Indian economy is on a growth curve that comes close to matching the very best developing nation performances in the world. The current government has of course encouraged foreign investment across many nations and there is certainly a US effect similar to the Britisher effect, which is a significant change from the early ’90’s and has contributed to the strong growth in GDP, over the past several years.

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