How Rich Is Your Blog?

You may have heard about how sometimes a lucky blogger hits the jackpot by parlaying their blog articles into a book or even a movie. Obviously, that doesn’t happen very often but it does show the potential of writing a content rich blog, even if you aren’t shooting for stardom and are only hoping for some extra advertising cash.

Writing an article rich blog has many benefits for a simple blogger. The content is what shapes your blog and defines your audience. Content keeps a visitor on your blog for a longer period of time, increases revenue from ads on your blog, and can increase awareness of your blog by article sharing.

The articles you write can make your blog show up at the top of search results if you:


  1. Write original content
  2. Put the article on a high traffic article site before you post it on your blog.
  3. Use words in your title that people search for when looking for a topic.


The second benefit of an article rich blog is that it gets your audience to stay on your page longer and after reading your article, browse around the other interesting ads you have on your blog. It opens up the door for curiosity. This of course, increases your chances of doing well with your advertising and sales.

Your blog ads should reflect the content and, therefore, the audience that is likely to visit your blog. You can hand-pick what products you think your readers would be interested in. Find advertising spots looking for website or blogs that don’t require huge stats to approve your blog. Most of these sites offer a percentage of the sale that is quite lucrative.

Find interesting products to place on your blog from these sites. Most will allow you to follow your statistics (click rate, sales, returns and such) on the site.

The third way to make your articles work for you is to place them on article sharing sites after they have made a splash on a high traffic article site. Make sure the article sharing site requires the users to list your blog website address and your n

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