Android System Info – Know Your Android

I am sure you all would like to know what is happening “inside” your Android phones. That is where Android System Info comes out – free application coming from ElectricSheep. There are more than 50+ system info applications on the Market, but this one is my first choice.

Android System Info has 5 tabs and each tab contains tons of info about your Android phone.

First tab and a welcome screen is Dashboard which will show you battery info, internal memory info, SD card, RAM, uptime, network type and IP address.

Second tab – System Info is what makes this application so different from other similar applications. Info about operational system, build info, battery, memory, low memory killer levers, telephony, networks, Wi-Fi, CPU, camera, screen, sensors, environment, features and Java properties!

Third tab – Tasks – displays a list of running applications and memory usage for each application. You can end any task you want, so Android System Info is a task manager, too.

Apps is the fourth tab. It uses original Manage Applications option (Settings > Applications > Manage applications).

Finally – Logs – Android real-time info! Get to know your Android. Is there something hidden? Does some application use connection without your knowledge? Very useful!

This is a must for every Android phone! Yes, it shows a lot of geeky stuff (half of which I do not understand) but it also shows some essential info which I need to know. And the real-time monitoring… fantastic!

To download this fantastic application search Android Market for Android System Info (from ElectricSheep). Did I mention it is free?

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