Dinosaur Train Costumes – 2 Adorable Options for Tiny or Buddy Fans

Looking for Dinosaur Train costumes? Unless you are living under a rock, if you have kids then you know all about Dinosaur Train the TV show on PBS. My daughter is so hooked that she was certain that she wanted to be Tiny this year for Halloween, no ifs, ands or buts about it. What’s funny is, she always wants to go as a princess, but not this year! They don’t have costumes for all of the characters on the Dinosaur Train show, but they do have a Buddy costume and Tiny costume available in child/toddler sizes.

Buddy Costume: The Buddy outfit is bright orange, of course, with a huge Buddy head as a sort of hood for your child. You’ll see their cute little faces popping out of a huge Buddy head. It has a gigantic tale as part of the outfit, what dinosaur outfit would be complete without one? And it comes with boot covers with fabric dino claws so they actually look like they have big dinosaur feet. The jumpsuit is made from ultra soft fabric and comes in toddler and child sizes 3-4 and small 4-6.

Tiny Costume: With your child in this costume you’ll swear that a larger version of Tiny is there in the room with you. I actually bought my daughter the Tiny doll so that she could carry it on Halloween just like the character does on the show, she can’t wait. The Tiny costumes come in the same sizes as Buddy so unfortunately if you have any smaller children who also like the show they won’t be able to wear the costumes just yet. Hopefully someday the costume line will include some dinosaur train costumes with the other characters and some that fit infants.

For now the 2 Dinosaur Train costumes that are available are Buddy and Tiny; both very well made with a close likeness to the TV characters. I have a feeling that Dinosaur Train will remain popular for many years to come, it is a very fun and informative show and is teaching young children some pretty amazing things. My 4 year old daughter can actually recite the entire dinosaur A-Z song and knows the names of dinosaurs that I’ve never even heard of. Now this Halloween she’ll actually get to go as her favorite character, Tiny, and make some pretty cute Pteranodon noises as she makes her way from house to house. So if you too have a Dinosaur Train fan on your hands, look into getting them either a Tiny or Buddy costume for this Halloween.


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