Key Reasons, Love Must Trump Hate!

If, we have learned, nothing, else, from these past four years, it must be, when, hatred, fear, and prejudice, become the priorities, rather than any attempt, at coming – together, for the greater good, we all lose! The policies of hate, fear, prejudice, and self – interest, are never helpful, because, they divide, and polarize us, instead of bringing – us, together, for the greater good. We need leaders, who prioritize, healing our wounds, and emphasizing, a meeting – of – the – minds, instead of continuing, this partisan politics, we witness, far – too – often! Although, there are many reasons, this matters, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review. and discuss, 5 key reasons, this matters, so much.

1. All men are created equalThis premise, is, perhaps, one of the most fundamental, to the mission, and vision, of the United States, as prioritized, by this nation’s Founding Fathers! Regardless, of race, religion, gender, wealth, etc, everyone must receive equal protection of these rights, and freedoms! This means all these rights, and, not, simply, cherry – picking/ selectively choosing, one’s favorites!

2. It’s the right thing to do: At some point, we must demand, our public officials, do the right thing, and must hold them, accountable, for their actions, plans, and emphasis! A leader’s words, matter, and we must hold those individuals, not – only to the standards, others are, but to a higher set of guidelines, etc! We cannot accept, and/ or tolerate, this divisive, partisan politics, but, rather, must seek, individuals, who are ready, willing, and able, to consistently, put quality policy, over politics, and/ or, self – interest!

3. We’ve seen this before: Don’t be complacent, because, we have seen, what happens, when dangerous rhetoric, etc, are permitted. Many consider the dangerous, Nazi, precedent, but, we also, must remember, there have been many, seemingly – formidable nations, rise, and fall! Hatred, prejudice, and bigotry, have no place in the United States of America!

4. Love trumps hate: Although, there will, unfortunately, always be, some people, who are motivated by their hatred, prejudice, and fears/ self – interest, this nation will, only, become, the best it can be, when we ensure, in the bigger – picture, and long – run, love trumps hate!

5. Unify instead of polarize: In terms of, maximizing, the relevant, and sustainable, actions/ performances, of our government, and public officials, we must insist, the focus, be, on unifying us, instead of polarizing, and proceeding, with an open – mind, to ensure, the best potential, for the greater good!

Few, other, than Trump’s most – ardent supporters/ followers, believe, anyone benefits, from divisive, polarizing leadership! Wake up, America, and emphasize, the greater good, by proceeding, with a true, open – mind, and seeking a well – considered, unifying, meeting – of – the – minds!


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