Get Your Business Name Out There With Pens

No matter where people go or what type of work they do, they need to have a great pen to write with! You can get your business name out there with custom promotional pen products. They can be customised to say anything you want and you can pick the color. However, you need one that writes well and lasts so it will be used often. Don’t cut corners and sacrifice the quality.

Be selective when it comes to the custom promotional pen product you put out there. You want people to read what is on it and become familiar with your business. This is an inexpensive way to brand your business with ease. Pens are used frequently but also exchanged, borrowed, or left behind by accident. This can all allow them to circulate, just like money does!


Have some fun determining the design for your custom promotional pen. You can create it on your own or have your marketing department set it up. You can work with the provider and see what options they have and pick one of those. Another option could be to have a contest among your employees for the best design.

Take your time to decide color, the information on it, and the overall look for the custom promotional pen. There are many types to pick from including those that click or those that twist so they can be used. Some are fat which seem to be the easiest to grip and others are very slender. You can select to have a pocket clip on it or just leaving it open.

The pen doesn’t even have to be round, there are also those that are rectangular in shape. The get lots of attention since they aren’t seen that often. Make sure you get one with a long lasting internal design so they don’t toss it out. If the product skips or doesn’t write smooth, it won’t become one they often reach for.

Buy in Bulk

The cost per custom promotional pen depends on the quality, who you buy it from, and how many you purchase. There are often significant discounts when you buy them in bulk, Since the product won’t take up much storage space or go out of style, there is no reason not to reap the savings with a large quantity order placed.

When you start to run low, it is easy enough to contact the provider and ask them to refill your order. This will ensure you always have some of them ready to distribute. This isn’t a promo object that will be ignored or thrown out if you have something reliable to offer them. It is one of the least expensive but powerful ways to promote any type of business.

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