One Reason Why Your Company Is Being Overlooked

Make Sure to Design a Simple Logo

There are several, different ways of telling you this, and once again, here goes: always keep it simple.

I want to stress a point that designing your logo is not a way to test your creativity. It is rather a way to test your design insight and sense of presentation.

Not only is a complicated logo hard to identify, but it always fails to engage the audience. A logo is supposed to be a trademark and not a manifesto. Therefore, it has to remain simple.

Your Logo Should Look Appealing to Different Audiences

Whether it is art, design or writing, adaptability and flexibility contribute a lot to your success. In other words, you have to be dynamic and adapt to change. If you are rigid when it comes to logo design, there is no room for improvement and innovation. When there is no innovation, the design dies.

Every logo has to be dynamic. It does not necessarily mean, though, that you have to change it every now and then. It should be flexible. Companies are expecting that their logo would attract a wide range of users. With diversity such as this, the audience is compelled to have various preferences and tastes. The meaning of a rigid logo is that when you hate it, that’s about it. When it comes to design, this does not work.

Your Logo Should be Versatile

Versatility plays a big role in making your logo design popular. It should look good on all forms of media. If it looks good on posters but not on coffee mugs, your logo will never be popular.

Moreover, when your logo is tied up to a particular color scheme, this cannot be considered as a good logo. This only means that your logo should look good whether it is shown in black and white or colors that do not belong to the original design.

Do Not Copy, Come Up with a Unique Design

This tip is often mentioned but seldom followed. A logo becomes prominent as a brand’s identity by being simple and unique.

Your Logo Design Should Have a Story Behind It

Each logo was created based on a story. When you see a logo only as artwork or a group of lines or text, you will not figure out the deeper meaning behind it. It is ideal for a good logo to have two stories to convey, the obvious and the hidden one.

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