The Pros And Cons Of Plastic Cabochon Settings

If you are planning on using wholesale cabochons in your jewelry making, then you will realize that the pieces will look far more striking if they are properly set in cabochon settings. There are a lot of different types of settings available, so you will always have a lot of choice when it comes to the design of your jewelry items. You may have to choose from plastic, metal or wooden cabochons, amongst other styles when you are designing your products. Some designers have preferences towards the type of cabochon settings that they like to use, but it is all really down to personal choice. Here is some information about the pros and cons of choosing plastic cabochon settings for your work:

Plastic cabochon settings are brilliant value, because it is very easy for manufacturers to make this type of setting. This means that plastics settings usually have a very low cost per item. They are also very varied, because the manufacturing process allows for lots of different styles to be created. For example, it is possible to make plastic settings in lots of different colors, because changing the color of plastic during the manufacturing process is very simple. This means that you can use plastic settings in a wide range of fun and funky projects. It is also possible to get hold of plastic settings which look like they are made out of another material, for example plastic cabochons with a metal effect. It is also very easy to attach your wholesale cabochons to plastic cabochon settings, because plastic is a very easy material to work with. As long as you use the right kind of glue and take the correct preparatory steps, then your cabochon should hold fast, and you will not have to worry about the jewelry falling apart. This is compared to other materials, which may be much harder to work with. These settings are also relatively light in weight, so if you like your jewelry items to be not too heavy, then these types of settings are probably one of the best choices for you.

If you prefer more weighty items of jewelry, then you may want to choose an alternative to plastic cabochon settings. Antiqued metallic settings are probably better for you in these circumstances. You may also want to choose a different type of setting if you are planning on making an item of jewelry for a more formal event. Although they are great for funky pieces of jewelry, plastic cabochon settings are not the classiest type of setting available. Plastic settings are one of the most commonly used types of settings. Whilst this could be considered to be a positive thing, because you will know that these settings are tried, tested and approved by many other jewelry makers, if you are wanting to create a piece of jewelry that is really different, then you may want to look at some of the other types of cabochon settings which are available to buy.

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