How Managed Services and the Cloud Improve Your Business

Small business owners who are not already on board the “cloud” may be missing out on a great opportunity to improve their business operations as well as their profitability. In the past few years Cloud computing has dramatically changed the business landscape. In order to reap the most rewards from technological advances, it is important first for business owners to understand what they are dealing with and how new technologies can improve the functionality of their business.

What is cloud computing?

To better understand this concept you must only turn to the Internet. How the Internet is used has changed greatly over the years and in terms of business, any programs or services that you use via an Internet connection could loosely be described as a cloud service. Cloud computing allows you to utilize software and services without having to run the servers or software  IT Support in house. These outside vendors run the software and servers, making it possible for you to focus on what is most important – running your business. Examples of cloud computing solutions that are commonly used by businesses today include; which offers programs to aid sales staff in tracking customer information and data storage backup services such as those offered from

Benefits of the cloud.

As more and more businesses are relying on cloud services, you might wonder how these services can aid your business. The many benefits include initial and long term reduction of software and computer cost of ownership, improved data security (secure off site backup and storage) and increased functionality and customer service. As cloud computing continues to evolve and offer additional products and services, many businesses that are currently on the fence will make the decision to venture to “the cloud”.

Managed services can make the transition to the cloud easier.

Despite the growing popularity of cloud computing and the increased number of companies utilizing these services, not all business owners or customers are completely convinced this is the way to go. There is little doubt that this area of technology will continue to develop and likely become adopted into the mainstream within a few years. With that in mind, business owners who question this technology can benefit greatly by consulting with Managed IT Service Providers to help guide them through any transitions. Managed IT Services Providers specialize in staying current with new technologies and can offer services that include cloud computing to improve the way your business runs as well as provide planning and assistance in the event of a man-made or natural disaster. By working with a Managed IT Services Provider your business can immediately reap the rewards of cloud services while still having trained professionals in your corner to ensure your business is adequately protected and invested in this technology. Finding the right Managed IT Services Provider can make the difference between your small business increasing efficiency and profitability versus getting left behind in the virtual dust. Working with a qualified Managed IT Services Provider will eliminate much of the confusion associated with “new” technology and position your business in a place where you can compete with others in your field while reducing in-house IT costs.

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