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money related situation debilitated and they eventually moved to the nearby  iu She and her more energetic kin lived isolated from their people in a studio room with their grandmother and cousin for more than a year in conditions of remarkable poverty. IU had little contact with her people all through this time span yet felt supported under her grandmother’s care.

During her middle school years, IU found her energy for singing and decided to transform into a craftsman ensuing to being lauded for a show she gave at her school’s games competition.She went to 20 tryouts yet besieged all of them, and was moreover cheated by fake delight companies. IU used to plan at Good Entertainment with Uee, Yubin, Heo Ga-yoon, and Jun Hyo-seong.

After stamping with LOEN Entertainment in 2007, she moved to Bangbae, Seoul. Despite the chance of her being put into a young woman pack, she made her exhibition debut in 2008 after ten months of training.[25] Due to her regular surroundings by then, IU communicated that she “treasured being at the studio”, where she could eat whatever amount of she required and had a spot to sleep.

Prior to her show, LOEN composed her stage name “IU”, getting it from the articulation “I and You” to address the uniting force of music between people.

Her extending job incited her reduced investment at school and declining grades, aside from Korean literature. After proceeding onward from Dongduk Girls’ High School in 2012, IU decided not to pursue post-discretionary guidance pair with her singing career.

In the wake of getting ready for seemingly forever, IU conveyed “Lost Child” as her presentation single.

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