Tips For Having The Most Effective & Best-Selling Micro Website Development

A website task is to deliver a major chunk of information for the user mainly in the format of company product, literature, resources, service categories, FAQs, blogs & many other. It is the combination of all these pieces of information that makes any website demanding & most prone to visit by the user base. But if we talk about microsites or micro website, they are kind of different & brings a real difference to any marketing strategy, know why:

1. Micro-websites are aimed at delivering the most high-impact messages with optimum keyword densities, superlative & niche-oriented content. This allows such sites to rank higher in the search pages than the comprehensive web pages.
2. These sites hosts keyword rich domain names and the geo-targeted keywords which helps it to jump on top of the SERPs, it is a great choice for brands that houses & focuses on delivering of one single product.
3. These sites as displays the highly targeted message, it gets easier to retract the great amount of traffic to the website. You display only what is visually appealing to the audience & thus a clutter-free website is what the audience demands.

Now you know how a microsite is beneficial for the leads & conversions, let’s learn how to start with micro website development.

1. Grabbing a suitable domain name

The first step is to select a domain name as it will help the site to achieve the desired level of visibility. If you are focused to target the specific area, you may try incorporating that locality’s, city’s or town’s name inside the microsite’s domain name.
So if your website is focused on geographical location focused domain name, you are likely to get good reach in SERPs.

2. Picking the decent hosting name

You need to pick the decent hosting name and set up the DNS for your site. Leave the detailed process to the micro website development companies to get the best outcomes.

3. Focusing on the appealing design work

The next step is to weave down some visually appealing design elements to later convey it to the microsite developers. The quirky stuff is more preferred over the staid professional elements these days.

4. Now write down the effective sales copy

Every word you plan to lay on the website has to be effective, plain & persuasive for the buyers to read. Your copy should house all the information that user base would like to read – that too in a restricted time span. Be subtle & explanatory with the tone of content and add the language that holds to the interest of the audiences. Go for the quirky & out of the box copy rather than old & conventional ones.

5. Build a layout that doesn’t compromise with the navigation experience

Don’t beat around the bushes with the features, content & navigational aspects of your website, keep it smooth, short & to the point. This will add on the great navigation & user experience at the end.



Iot Training in Bangalore

Business Overview of Why IoT is so important
Case Studies from Nest, CISCO and top industries
IoT adaptation rate in North American & and how they are aligning their future business model and operation around IoT
Broad Scale Application Area
Smart House and Smart City
Industrial Internet
Smart Cars
Home Healthcare
Business Rule Generation for IoT
3 layered architecture of Big Data – Physical (Sensors), Communication, and Data Intelligence
Introduction of IoT: All about Sensors – Electronics
Basic function and architecture of a sensor – sensor body, sensor mechanism, sensor calibration, sensor maintenance, cost and pricing structure, legacy and modern sensor network – all the basics about the sensors
Development of sensor electronics – IoT vs legacy, and open source vs traditional PCB design style
Development of sensor communication protocols – history to modern days. Legacy protocols like
Modbus, relay, HART to modern day Zigbee, Zwave, X10,Bluetooth, ANT, etc.
Business driver for sensor deployment – FDA/EPA regulation, fraud/tempering detection, supervision, quality control and process management
Different Kind of Calibration Techniques – manual, automation, infield, primary and secondary calibration – and their implication in IoT
Powering options for sensors – battery, solar, Witricity, Mobile and PoE
Hands on training with single silicon and other sensors like temperature, pressure,
vibration, magnetic field, power factor etc.

Machine learning for intelligent IoT
Introduction to Machine learning
Learning classification techniques
Bayesian Prediction-preparing training file
Support Vector Machine
Image and video analytic for IoT
Fraud and alert analytic through IoT
Bio -metric ID integration with IoT
Real Time Analytic/Stream Analytic
Scalability issues of IoT and machine learning
What are the architectural implementation of Machine learning for IoT

Analytic Engine for IoT
Insight analytic
Visualization analytic
Structured predictive analytic
Unstructured predictive analytic
Recommendation Engine
Pattern detection
Rule/Scenario discovery – failure, fraud, optimization
Root cause discovery

Security in IoT implementation
Why security is absolutely essential for IoT
Mechanism of security breach in IOT layer
Privacy enhancing technologies
Fundamental of network security
Encryption and cryptography implementation for IoT data
Security standard for available platform
European legislation for security in IoT platform
Secure booting



Abilities of the Best Virtual Assistant

Helping you with the administrative tasks is not the only job of being a Virtual Assistant. An Online Personal Assistant can help you assist your business in various ways; one is helping you manage your people. Lots of VA are most skilled and technology savvy. They can be a great factor in increasing your efficiency in running your business.

One of the abilities of the best Virtual Assistant is Reliability. It is the most important one, and it seems to be the most common. Clients outsource you and expect you to be always available to be their online personal assistant. Your clients trusted you and expected you to finish your task on time. You need to let the client know whats going on the assigned task, instituting how and when you should update them when they outsource you and also before you begin each new task. Being reliable and professional is necessary for this industry. Reliability is having good communication and keeping your clients updated.

Time Management
Another ability is using their time more effectively and practicing good time management skills. Most of the Virtual Assistant work in long hours and that is why it’s important to plan your tasks well. You’ll probably have numerous things to do in a day so plan ahead (leaving time for unplanned things to drop in) and schedule tasks for when you’re at your most efficient. Providing a calendar to all your assignments will surely help you.

Good Communication
Having good communication skills is one ability that will satisfy your client. A Virtual Assistant must inform the client how there is progressing, so it is very important to establish how and when to update them also when each new task had begun. If unforeseen circumstances cause a delay in your work, you email your client before your deadline passes to let them know when they can expect your tasks and why.
Online Personal Assistant are asked to do various things they have never done before and sometimes to do everything. To become an effective virtual assistant, you need to be resourceful and find the data yourself. Providing solutions and solving problems for clients is the whole point of becoming a virtual assistant. Be honest with your client about the extent of your abilities, and you will do well. You’re not supposed to know everything, but the best virtual assistant will inform clients when he never encountered a task before and reassured the client that he would be satisfied to find out what needs to be completed and get back to the client with the right answers.
The Online Personal Assistant should keep on learning and to be on top of trends and changes in both his industry and in the world of technology. He should have keen investigative skills. If his client wants him to use a new application to communicate with him, then he should quickly learn how it works.

A new client will probably look to his virtual assistant to lead him through the process and explain how things work. He does not only need to know his stuff but to become the best virtual assistant, he has to make sure that the clients know about it too. It is not easy to become the best virtual assistant. Not everybody has all these qualities. So if you want to have the best virtual assistant, then you should have these qualities.



What Is a RDP and How It Is Useful for Users?

RDP stands for remote desktop protocol. It is a technology developed by Microsoft which enables users to connect two computers remotely. In simple words it lets two computers at two different locations to connect with each other over the network through internet.

Let’s take a simple example, suppose you stay in india and your friend stays in UK and for some reason you want to use his computer but you don’t know how to do it, here is when RDP comes into play, you can access the computer of your friend sitting anywhere in the world by using RDP. It allows printer sharing, sound sharing and a host of other features.

Another important use of RDP is that you can use it for any problem solving activity by sharing your computer with the technicians etc, In this aspect it works in the same way as team viewer. Another use is that lets suppose your PC is not in a good condition and you are not happy with the configuration and you have a friend you lives in Germany and has access to a good configured PC, so by using RDP you can access your friends PC by sitting in India. Isn’t it amazing?

For using RDP all you need is an IP, password and a computer name which will be provided to you by any RDP service seller. There are many RDP providers in the world and you can choose them as per your needs and the configurations they provide. The RDP provider will you the details by which you can use RDP on your computer.

Now apart from people looking for high speed internet, hackers also use RDP to stay anonymous and use faster internet. The role of RDP provider is very important here because it’s the provider who will make sure that the users doesn’t misuse the service for unethical activities like child pornography, hacking, gambling etc.

In this age where most of the internet activities are performed on phone, RDP is not different, you can access RDP on your phone by installing a bunch of apps for android and iPhone users and you don’t need to fear for your security as well when you use RDP because it is encrypted by 128 bit by Microsoft which makes it super secure for use.

In the end I would just like to say that RDP is an extremely useful service provided that users use it for ethical and legal purposes and choose their provider intelligently.



GTA RP: Tips To Choose A Server And Join It

In case you don’t already know, GTP RP gives the liberty to join this giant game as an NPC instead of a primary character, and the credit goes to the mod. You can lead a normal life by getting into the shoes of any character you like.

If this is something completely new to you, you may find it quite challenging. You have to download mods in order to make it work. Aside from this, you may come across a few slang terms as well. This guide will help you get started without a problem. Read on to find out more.

What is a GTA RP Server?

With GTA RP, you can spawn into a huge map that has a lot of other players. You can play as a criminal, shop clerk or a cop, for instance. On most servers, you can choose from a lot of options rather than stick to a certain theme. So, you have a lot of freedom.

Usually, you have the freedom to opt for the right mods. You can chat on forums to make a better decision. Some servers are better than others as far as immersion is concerned.

Tips to Download the Required Mods for a GTA RP server

The first thing you need to do is download a mod. Based on the server, you may have to download different mods. However, FiveM is the most popular mod. If you want to get this mod, you should head to the website and download the file by following the given steps:


  1. First, you should disable all antivirus apps before you hit the download button. Most antivirus apps, such as AVG, Avast and others tend to block these installers. Therefore, you must turn these apps off.
  2. After the installation of FiveM, you may want to add FiveM to the exclusions of the antivirus apps installed on your PC
  3. Your GTA V game should be updated
  4. Now, hit the download button
  5. Install the mod
  6. Launch FiveM

By following this method, you can easy install the mod and play the game. A good alternative is RageMP client. It’s used by Eclipse Roleplay server, which is quite popular these days.


Steps to join a GTA RP server

You may have to put in some effort if you are going to join and maintain your status on the server. The majority of servers will require you to submit an application and go through a set of rules. After the acceptance of your application, you will have to wait in a line. You will be connected pretty soon.

Although you can play the game for as long as you want, it is a good idea to prevent the server from crashing or allowing anyone to ruin the fun.

Long story short, if you want to enjoy your favorite mod, we suggest that you check out this guide. This will help you opt for the best mod for your GTA V and have tons of fun for free. Just make sure you follow the steps given above.



Exploit Internet’s Amazing Marketing Powers: 4 Most Important Tips

We are living in the age of Internet Marketing, also known as Content Marketing. Here, online visibility is a must, to stay on top and relevant, and make more money.
If you don’t have a good web presence, and aren’t busy promoting and expanding your business, via effective Internet Marketing, you won’t survive for long.

What’s Internet Marketing?

It’s the new age marketing of a business or brand and its products and services over the Internet, through different tools, employing content, e-mails, search and paid media strategies, to help drive traffic, leads and sales.
Internet Marketing techniques are mostly organic by nature, but these (the techniques) could be paid as well.
Organic internet marketing may not lead to great results instantly, but it would help businesses grow and expand eventually, if done the right way.

Content Marketing is the Future

As per a study, 91% of businesses, across the globe, believe that Internet Marketing is an indispensable and exciting marketing tactic.
Content Marketing involves offering valuable, readable and steady content. It’s the marketing of the present and future.
It stimulates, educates, and guides prospects, and builds trust, authority and connections. When it happens, and when you offer help and value to your customers and prospects, they reward you by becoming your customers and utilizing your products & services.

Content Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing

Content Marketing is Inbound Marketing and not Outbound Marketing, also called Traditional Marketing. By and large, the latter is interruptive, obstructive, and invasive, besides being costly.
A research shows that, presently, 615+ million devices in the world have adblockers.
What does it mean?
It means traditional marketing may not be very effective.
As per another study, Content Marketing or Internet Marketing is 62% less costly, vis-à-vis the traditional marketing though it pulls over 3 times more business and profits.

Visuals & Videos Rule

Visuals–in the form of exciting videos and infographics–are comparatively more powerful in attracting new customers and others. Brain processes visuals 60,0000 times faster than texts.
As per another report, people are consuming over 500 million hours of video content daily across the globe.
In an age where majority of us suffer from attention-span problem, it certainly pays to make videos and visuals–that informs, empowers and entertains–a crucial element of our content creating & promotion strategies.
Online videos swiftly increase awareness, stays top of mind with new customers, and also leads to conversions from high-intent viewers.
These also give any brand the power to reach, engage, and convert its most prized audiences in the right moments – whether they’re exposed to a completely new brand for the first time, or are just a few minutes away from striking a deal, and making a purchase.
When brands are present and useful in those moments, the chances of results following are high.

4 Exciting Tips for Successful Content Marketing

To harness the amazing powers of Internet Marketing, in the most fruitful way, make Search Engine Optimization (SEO), grammar & spelling, storytelling, and videos an important part of your overall content marketing strategy.

1. SEO: Optimize your content for better visibility and improved performance on the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). If your content fails to find a place on the first page, it won’t lead to the results you could be keen in.

2. Grammar & Spelling: Ensure that your blogs and articles are grammatically correct, and have the right spellings. A piece of content–with glaring grammatical errors and misspellings–won’t’ impress your readers and prospects even as your brand’s value will diminish.

3. Stories: Master the art of storytelling for higher traction. Most of us love stories. If there’s a beautiful and inspiring story woven cleverly in your piece, it will pull the ’emotional trigger’, and lead to better ‘connections’ with your readers and prospects.

4. Videos: As per a report, in India, online video is behind over 70% of the nation’s total data usage. As the nation’s online population continues to increase, so will the figure of the video-famished consumers, browsing the web. So, use videos and attractive designs to create persuasive visual content!

Summing-up, make Internet Marketing a vital cog in your business establishment and expansion wheel. Follow the marketing strategy tips shared to make more money, and get the best possible business results.



It’s Nearly Wedding Season… What Should You Wear?

With the beginning of wedding season just weeks away I thought this was a good time to give some tips and advice to help you put together some killer outfits for these Sexologist in Delhi¬† joyous celebrations. As is always the case with fashion, age is a factor when deciding what to wear… but, you may be surprised how far down on the list that consideration is.

FIRST CONSIDERATION: Dress code or No Dress Code.

There are six dress codes a couple might choose to have for their wedding guests. To understand each of these I am using information found on invitations by dawn’s website.

Dress Codes – What to Wear

1. Casual – casual dress suited to the season

2. Cocktail Attire/Semi-formal/Dressy Casual – Cocktail Dress

3. Themed Attire – Determined by the couple (See #5 Vintage below)

4. Formal Attire/Black Tie Optional – floor length dress or evening pant suit

5. Black Tie – formal gown

6. White Tie – full length ballroom gown

If there is a dress code that will narrow down your options, but there is still room for a lot of imagination! If there is no dress code, you can move on to the next consideration.

SECOND CONSIDERATION: Wedding Theme or Style

There are many themes/styles but I will mention the eight most common. Understanding the theme/style can help you decide what to wear if the invitation does not have a dress code.

Theme/Style (ranked most formal to most casual) – Suggestions of What to Wear

1. Classic or Traditional – Cocktail Dress to Full Length Gown

2. Contemporary or Elegant – Cocktail Dress or Wide-Leg Jumpsuit

3. Romantic or Backyard/Vineyard – Cocktail Dress or Wide-Leg Jumpsuit

4. Industrial Inspired – Any of the Above

5. Vintage – Based on the era the couple chooses

6. Rustic or Country – Sundresses, Full-Length Casual Dresses or Jeans and a Lacy Blouse

7. Beach – Sundresses, Full-Length Casual Dresses, Swimsuit w/Sarong

Your possibilities are endless – use these suggestions to get your creative juices flowing.


A general rule of thumb is that the attire gets a little more formal as the day progresses into evening.

Now you are able to narrow it down even more and begin actually thinking about the details of the garments along with starting to put together ideas for the accessories.

FOURTH CONSIDERATION: Adjusting for Inclement Weather

Whatever outfit you choose to wear be sure to have a secondary choice ready should the weather turn foul, or have a throw or shawl… even a stylish umbrella to help you weather the weather!



Women’s Liberation: Are We Liberated?

We all talk of women’s education. We all talk of women’s liberation. But how far we are from the real truth? We preach a lot. But do we practice it? Today the world is moving at a very fast pace. Women are moving ahead of men in every sphere of life.

Academics: Be it Historian Romila Thapar to noted Scholar Nabanita Deb Sen to writer Shobha De women are everywhere.

Politics: From Mrs Indira Gandhi to Mrs Hillary Clinton politics is always best handled by a lady.

Journalism: Each and every leading media house is headed by a lady.

Acting: From India to the United States, women are the best and the highest paid performers in today’s time.

Corporate world: From banker Mrs Chanda Kochhar to Biocon chief Kiran Majumdar Shaw a lot of leading corporate Institutions have been headed by women.

Malala Yousafjai: All discussion will be incomplete if we fail to talk about this girl. Coming from a humble background she broke all stereotypes to become a Nobel Laureate. She broke all stereotypes surrounding Islam religion.

Mary Kom: India’s very own Mary Kom is today the world’s highest rated boxer. She is a mother, a dedicated wife and a champion boxer. How many women can achieve that?

Kiran Bedi: A discussion about women will be incomplete if we don’t talk about Kiran Bedi. Perhaps the most highly decorated and celebrated IPS Officer in India. From lawyer Meenakshi Arora to Astronaut Kalpana Chawla the list is endless. The number of child beggars in India are rising every day. The rate of girls trafficked out of India is rising every day. In India itself Madhyapradesh has the highest rate of rape in India.

India is land of women scholars. Be it Khana, Gargi or Maitrayee. Can’t we provide the basic amenities to women like sanitation, education, hygiene etc?

Right to basic education: Let every girl has the right to basic education.

Right to basic hygiene: Let every girl has the right to basic hygiene.

Marriage at a proper age: Let every girl get married at a proper age. Let every girl get married after they attain adulthood and only after they get proper education.

Prevention of Marital Rapes: India is a land with the highest number of Marital rapes.

A man is born out of a lady’s womb. Behind every successful man there is a lady. Can’t we change the rule and prove and prove that the vice versa is also possible?

But still we are far from the real truth. Women are tortured till today. India worships the supreme form of female deity in the form of Mother Durga. We must Never forget that. Even Mother Mary is worshiped before Jesus Christ.



Combat Alcoholism

For people who have alcoholics within the family or within their circle of friends, they know how alcoholism can be a curse. Unfortunately, most of the people suffering from this condition do not even recognize that they have a problem, let alone ask for help. When things get out of hand such as when they lose a job or their families, a person with this condition may perceive that there is something wrong with their drinking habit but by around this time, it may be too difficult for them to quit or do something about it.

But it is important to remember that combating alcoholism is only difficult but it is not impossible. With the right attitude and perseverance, you can fight off this dreaded disorder before your life completely falls apart. Here are some effective ways on how to curb this addiction.

o Learn how to have fun without having to drink alcohol. This is probably one of the hardest things a person with the condition of alcoholism has to undertake but this is indeed a crucial step. To do this, you should learn to find other things that can give you the same excitement and fun that drinking gives you. You can engage in sports, travel to some places, meet new people, and participate in events. Remember, there are many other things that you can do to have fun without the need for alcohol intoxication.

o Stay away from temptation. Staying away from alcohol would mean staying away from places, people, or settings that influence or encourage alcohol drinking. Take AWOL on bars and cocktail parties. Take a rain check with your drinking buddies. Relieve yourself off the pressure of drinking that may tempt you.

o Ask support from friends, family or support groups. Family and friends can be instrumental in helping you cope with this addiction. If you cannot find the support that you are looking for from this people, you can get it somewhere else like in organizations or programs. Alcoholics Anonymous would be one of your best options. This support group can help you in battling against this condition and let you get to know other people who are suffering from the same kind of problem.



Alcohol and the Brain

Alcohol was being discussed as a disease long before the writing of the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous in 1939. In 1849 Swedish Physician Magnus Huss coined the phrase “alcoholism” as what he referred to as a chronic relapsing disease. The American physician, Benjamin rush, and signer of the united States Declaration of Independence was perhaps to first to use the term addiction in reference to a man’s loss of control over alcohol.

By the time Bill W. went to visit Dr. Silkworth alcoholism had already been accepted as a disease in many corners of the psychiatric world. How else would one explain a person who was willing to continue drinking in the face of total loss and devastation. Dr. Silkworth in his letter to Alcoholic’s Anonymous, which was later printed in the Big Book had this to say about it. “Men and women drink essentially because they like the effect produced by alcohol. The sensation is so elusive that, while they admit it is injurious, they cannot after a time differentiate the true from the false. To them, their alcoholic life seems the only normal one. They are restless, irritable and discontented, unless they can again experience the sense of ease and comfort which comes at once by taking a few drinks, drinks which they see others taking with impunity. After they have succumbed to the desire again, as so many do, and the phenomenon of craving develops, they pass through the well-known stages of a spree, emerging remorseful, with a firm resolution not to drink again. This is repeated over and over, and unless this person can experience an entire psychic change there is little hope of his recovery. (William Silkworth, MD the doctors Opinion, Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous).

In 1934 Bill W. had a spiritual experience which then led him to the creation of the program of Alcoholics Anonymous. He understood he had a disease of the mind and body that he had no personal power over. He experienced this powerlessness in the countless failed attempts to quit drinking. What Bill W. and DR. Silkworth did not know at the time was what Bill had experienced was a sudden rush of dopamine to the brain brought on by a touch from the divine.

Dopamine is a chemical released in the brain which causes it to respond to pleasure. Dopamine is released through sex, food, and pleasurable experiences. Or in Bill’s case a sudden over-whelming expression of love from God. Dopamine is absorbed in the brain by transporters. The brain reacts to this un-natural stimulation by decreasing it’s natural production of dopamine. Because the dopamine released in the brain through the consumption of alcohol is increased, the brain automatically responds by creating more transporters to carry away the increase of dopamine. When the alcohol is taken away the brain does not adjust for several weeks creating an environment in which the transporters are desperately seeking dopamine. Because dopamine is the chemical that gives a person a sense of pleasure and contentedness the person experiences feelings of anxiety, depression and irritability.

Look at it this way. Dopamine is grains of sand you are throwing on the floor and vacuum cleaners are transporters. As you throw more sand on the floor more vacuum cleaners appear like magic to clean it up. In time you tire of constantly throwing sand on the floor because the more you give to the vacuum the more vacuums appear. So one day you decide to quit throwing out sand but the vacuums come anyway. The vacuums not understanding you had made a decision to cut them off from sand race about the room frantically looking for sand. When they can find none they become despondent, shaking, irritable and confused. The only way they can feel normal again is for you to throw more sand for them to clean up.

Because our brain does not create dopamine while depressed, angry, and irritable the condition can continue indefinitely until arrested either through picking up alcohol again, having a dopamine rush through a spiritual experience, or a change in the way one thinks. Many people who come to the realization they can no longer drink seek help either through treatment or AA. Through these avenues the alcoholic experiences companionship and a sense that there is a solution. From this point hope is borne, where there is hope there is joy. Where there is joy there is dopamine and the vacuum cleaners are again satisfied in their search for sand. This can create a state of euphoria which has been referred to by newly sober people as the pink cloud.

But as normal life patterns once again settle in the feeling of being liberated from King-Alcohol is replaced with worries of daily life. The flood of dopamine to the brain slows down, the transporters begin to search for more and feelings of irritability return. Unless the person stays constantly diligent against anger, depression and negative thinking he is doomed to relapse. His mind still desires an increased level of dopamine to feel normal. If he can not get that from a change in his own thinking he will return to the drink just to feel ok. Because he had created an environment in his own mind consisting of an increased amount of transporters he will always need more dopamine to satisfy them.